The New Contractor

You will probably have heard that a personal limited company is your most cost effective option as you embark on your contracting career. Who should you turn to? Why not ask us as specialists in this field? Please call and we can discuss your situation and evaluate the best options. Alternatively feel free to make an appointment to come and see us without obligation. We will cover the following:

Once you are convinced that the limited company route is for you, we will go through what our package has to offer. It is then up to you. We can set a company up with your choice of name within 24 hours ready to trade. For contractors short of time setting up in business can be carried out by phone and email.

Our new company services include:

Setting Up The Company

Salaries And Dividends


Company Administration

Tax Planning

Existing Contractor

Our limited company services include:

  • Maintenance of all accounting transactions and records
  • Payroll
  • End of year payroll returns
  • VAT administration, if registered
  • Dividend advice and declaration



This legislation was brought in with effect from April 2000. Basically it attempts to cut off the advantages of a limited company which are mainly in saving National Insurance and to some extent personal tax. It says that if the limited company was ignored would the relationship between contractor and client be considered one of employment or self employment. If employment then the legislation applies.